Violence Against Women

Critically analyse Violence Against Women

Watched! Based on Movie: “The Many Trials of One Jane Doe”

Rape Myths
– constable at York on Jan 24th 2011, “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to be victimized.”
– they equate rape = sex, but it’s not, it’s violence
– the dominant rape myth is that rape is about sex ***
→ for all these myths to happen, relies on this
→ ignores that rape is about power, dominance or misogyny
→ so that’s why their past sex life does not matter at all
– we do not train daughters to look for violence and warning signs in people we know, which is strange as it’s more likely to have sexual violence from someone you know ***
→ need to be as concerned to warn about acquaintance rape as stranger rape
– we tell girls how not to get raped, we don’t teach boys equally as much not to rape ***
– ironic that sluts are worthless, but they dress like that for the men that make them worthless ***
– even though women are mostly raped, can’t use just a gender based analysis because what about men that are raped? Need to keep that in mind
– implied consent no longer a defence, can’t just say it’s okay because she didn’t say no: you need consent
– in Canada you can’t be charged with rape, you are charged with sexual assault
→ which is good as everything is included
– one of the warning signs of rape is possessiveness and jealousy ****
→ but she thinks that it means he loves her more
→ need to challenge this
– part of the rape myth is that it has to be violent **
→ can’t prove it otherwise
– long before physical violence in a domestic relationship, the emotional violence starts so they lose self confidence ***
– going to couple’s counseling when one is violent, they train you to change so he can be less violent
→ instead of just changing him
– we see rape only as if the woman has a knife at her throat, for domestic violence we only see it if he hits her ****
→ they can push, shove, and knock down, but they ask if he hit you
– we talk about trangenerational trauma and how people are abused and so they abuse others
→ but why is it always enacted at women, not their bosses, or their friends? *****
→ social and political factors make only women the people who get the pain enacted on them
→ it’s not anger management, he can manage his anger everywhere else in his life, he doesn’t punch out the fed ex guy or throw out his tv, it’s a gendered response, he manages it most of the time and targets it at one person ******
– abusive men follow a predictable pattern, clockwork, the men will be all charming and loving initially, wear her down, then violence occurs, then honeymoon stage when man returns all apologetic, then that lasts a short period of time, then the cycle begins ***
→ and then the cycle becomes closer and closer, periods between violence become shorter, and the violence escalates
– most dangerous time for a woman is right after she leaves him, most likely to be killed ****
– Israel female prime minister: curfew, men in at 10 ***
– rape is the only crime where the victim is seen complicit in it ****
→ wouldn’t ask a man at an ATM machine at night why are you wearing a watch, why are you going out at night, don’t you know ATM machines are available during the day?
→ they wouldn’t say don’t wear a watch or suit, of course you were robbed
→ when you apply rape myths to crimes like robbery they look ridiculous
→ they definitely wouldn’t say that about an attempted murder
– problem with calling sexual assault instead of rape puts the sexual back in there
– prof agrees with calling it a second rape when she was in the police station ****

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