Violence against Women

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Violence against Women

            Human rights organizations have been at the fore-front calling for end of violence against women with some terming it an abuse of women human rights.  Violence varies across countries and in its forms and patterns it takes.  This violence is a risk factor to both the health and the general wellbeing of women including their reproductive and sexual health. The women violence may take on various forms such as sexual, physical and emotional abuse such as female genital mutilation, sexual assault, rape child sexual abuse, trafficking for sexual abuse, forced prostitution among many others (Garcia 491). The movie, “The many trial of one Jan Doe,” is a good depiction of how women violence is experienced. Sexual harassment and rape forms the basis of the movie.  Various myths and arguments are marred that purport women violence such as rape and sexual assault as to whether they qualify to be categorized as violence against women.

According to Ellsberg, violence against women is a violation of women rights, a serious health issue and a developmental concern (325). It has devastating effect on the health of a woman and their children.  The view is also rooted in the gender inequalities. Violence also encompasses domestic violence such as woman biting and physical assault. Therefore, a lot of campaigns, policies and procedures, training and education programs need to be done to help reduce violence against women.

However amidst this, criticism, according to the movie, women contribute to the ordeal that begot them. For instance, they dress in sluts which trigger the offenders to victimize them.   Other myths have noted that failure by the society to train their daughters on how to read warning signs and avoid landing in the traps of victimizers such is lacking. This has contributed to many cases where women are raped by the people they know.  Furthermore, boys are not educated or taught on the consequences of raping. Therefore, most efforts are drifted in informing girls about being careful but men are not brought in the picture and also talked to.

Another reason why violence against women is increasing is as a result of poor legislations and procedures that can help bring the accused victimizers before the law. For instance in Canada people accused of rape are not charged with rape but rather they are charged with sexual assault. Therefore lack of stiffer penalties contributes to the violation of women rights. Women are also always culprits in the domestic violence. This comes after disagreements; most women are hit by their husbands.   The social and political structures that are in place have contributed to this as some communities allow men to bit their women as a way of correcting and to demonstrate power.

It is therefore, evident that violence against women is experienced in our society.  Factors such as social classification and myths that our culture have created, lack of political will, education  and training among other factors have at length contributed to the  increased cases of women violence. Therefore, what is required is for all the stakeholders to join hands and come up with policies and procedures that can address these instances of violence. The violence women experience is not brought by them, but rather they are as a result of two parties in the society. Society should not run away from the problem but come up with an amicable solution.


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