Valuation Comparables


Valuation Outline:
1. The report must be prepared in accordance with the guidance set out in the RICS Red Book(;
2. A brief review of the Sheffield property market, especially in retail and office market;
3. A database of comparable evidence, choosing 7 comparable properties for each in both retail and office (using document called “valuation comparables and choose 7 for each). And in the retail shops ,all 7 comparable properties must include zoning and make assumptions under RICS Code of Measuring Practice (2007);
4. Advise your client o achieve the rent for Retail Unit 2 based on an internal repairing and insurance. And also advise for Office Floor2;
5. Provide a sensitivity analysis and quantify the likely property;
6. Using Residual Methods or Discount Cash Flow to calculate the land value.
7. PS: Estates Gazette interactive(EGI) is useful web

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