Utopian and/or Dystopian genre.

a power point presentation 9-12 minutes long that explores the utopian and/or Dystopian genre. In your speech, you should focus on investigative analysis rather than recount, and you should demonstrate a clear understanding of the use of language specific to your chosen text/s
1. Investigate the text or world of your choice with reference to elements such as the genre features, genre history, forms and language use of dystopian and utopian fiction, and make a case for this text to be counted as dystopian and/or utopian fiction. In your response you must provide analysis of a specific scene or sequence from this work as an example. You may not present about a text studied in class for this option. These following examples are given only for guidance/
Make a case for the wizarding world of j.k Rowlings’ harry potter series as a utopia, with specific examples from novels.
Make a case for Max brooks’s novel World War Z as a dystopia, taking account of the epistolary style of the novel and its global focus
It will be assessed on the following :
Your Ability to respond critically to texts
Your evaluation and synthesis of ideas
Your imagination and originality
Your use of language
Your control of medium

( also the sources is just a random number i have put as well as pages


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