Using the See, Think, Wonder framework practised in this unit, you are to select one of the topics or readings covered in this unit and reflect on this learning, the impact of this learning experience on you, and the implications this learning will have for your future professional practice.

Word count: 1000Your paper should:A description of your learning experience.
An explanation of how this experience impacted you, drawing connections to previous learning, understandings, or experiences you may have had.
Include evidence in support of your learning and implications for your future professional practice facts, statistics, theories drawn from scholarly and peer reviewed sources
You may use first person (personal pronouns) for your reflections; however, you must continue to use a formal academic style.
Your reflection needs to include:A brief descriptive account of the reading.
An explanation of the issues identified in the reading.
Your personal response to the reading.
Connections between the reading/issues presented in the reading and any personal, professional and or learning experiences (knowledge gained).
An explanation of what these issues mean to your future professional practice in healthcare why is this important for you to know and how might it impact on your professional practice?
Formatting guidelines: Only use Times New Roman or Calibri (12pt font) or Arial (11pt font) Double-spacing required Include both in-text and end-text referencing following APA 6th conventions (from scholarly or peer-reviewed sources). Headings are permitted Personal pronouns (I, my, we) are permitted, as this is a personal reflection.

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