Using a real-life scenario of a project procurement situation that delivered sub-optimal outcomes, reflect on how the situation could have achieved a better outcome through the application of what you have learned during this unit.

You may use a real-life scenario of your own, or you may use a case study sourced from the literature, the internet, or the Mineco scenario in Week 5. If you wish, you may use the questions about Mineco to inform your thinking and writing. The following structure should guide your approach: 1. Provide a short description of the scenario. The emphasis should be on what happened within the project caused the suboptimal outcome. 2. Evaluate the scenario using the textbook, PMBoK and literature. The literature list provided for the second assessment task may be useful. 3. Identify the principles you would use to modify future outcomes when you are managing a project. This essay will be graded on your ability to forensically identify deficiencies in the project under examination, and to reflect on what you would do differently in the future.

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