Useless war


A. CONTENT (3 – 6 pages)
1.) The paper should be an organized, logcial, and thoughtful response to the reading assignments about the Vietnam War. The reading assignments are available in electronic form.
2.) A college-level essay is expected to have a main idea or thesis that unites the entire paper and is supported by concrete examples. Every paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and be about one point.
3.) The essay must attempt to address one theoretical question based on your study of the assigned reading material.
>>>>The main question is: Based on your reading of the assignment, why do you think the United States was unable to suppress the Communist insurgency in South Vietnam? <<<
1.) This paper should contain your thoughtful analysis of the topic. You may include personal observations or comparisons with other events that you know about. You can express your opinions, as long as they are supported rationally; however, blatant factual errors, logical fallacies, and ignorance of the reading material will hurt your grade.
2.) Quotations: Your essay should contain no more than three direct quotations (no more than 3 lines each). I will deduct points for each quotation over 3! If you use a direct quotation, be sure to clearly indicate where the quote begins and ends and cite the page from the reading material at the end of the quote in parentheses. I should be able to find all quotations IMMEDIATELY in the reading material.
3.) Sources: I have already provided sources for you to read. Of course, there are many sources about Civil Rights, and you are free to study and use them. However, all sources listed on the Works Cited page, other than tho
4.) Try to use the best grammar and style that you can. However, I will not grade the essays according to grammar. If you write a paper in YOUR OWN WORDS which expresses YOUR OWN IDEAS, I will be very tolerant of grammar and style. Logical organization will help you overcome linguistic inadequacies.
C. FORMAT: All essays must be typed, double spaced, in 11 pt. letter size, Times New Roman Font, checked with an English spell-checker, on A4 size paper, and stapled in the left-hand upper corner. No pictures, graphs, tables, etc., unless absolutely necessary!
D. PLAGIARISM: You may not use the words (even parts of sentences) or ideas of another author without proper quotations and citations (author, title, publication data, page number). Direct quotations that are not properly indicated and cited will lower your grade by at least one full letter grade (eg. 86 B to 76 C) for each occurrence. Plagiarism will automatically result in an F (0 %) for the paper (which will likely mean failure of the class).
se that I have specifically assigned, must be summarized and explained with a short annotation. Each source should have a brief sentence explaining why you used it and what makes it important. Why, for example, is the web source that you have cited different from millions of other web sources that you did not cite?


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