Use the case study and data set (provided) to design a research study. 2. Evaluate how study design influences statistical methodologies and interpretation of findings.

BIOSTATICIANS ROLE IN STUDY DESIGN INSTRUCTIONS PART 3. ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW As a member of a team, the biostatician has the primary responsibility of ensuring that the appropriate statistical methodologies are in place to analyze a public health question. Biostatisticians must be versed in data collection best practices, data analysis and interpretation, as well as the influence of study design on research findings. A holistic approach is needed to present research findings and to pursue data-driven decision making. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS This is a multi-part assignment where each part has a separate deadline through the term. Refer to the Calendar for specific dates. 3. Report findings in written and visual form. 4. Consider influences of selection bias, ethical implications and faith oriented or other worldviews in study design and interpretations. PART 3 BIAS, ETHICS, FAITH AND WORLDVIEW IN FINDINGS 1.Report findings in written and visual form, utilizing charts and graphs to communicate findings. 2. Interpret findings considering bias, ethical implications and faith oriented or other worldview. Assignment Requirements APA formatting Minimum Citation: 1 per part Part 3 = 500 words

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