use at least 3 (and no more than 5) of the peer-reviewed journal articles you located. In addition, you must use at least 1 (and no more than 3) of the articles you first used for the Paraphrasing Assignment.

Literature Review
Your Literature Review is the culmination of the scaffolding assignments. After you read and understand the feedback from your annotated bibliography, then you should write your literature review.
You must also cite the Volti text at least 3 times.
You must synthesize the information and write a coherent, well-organized paper. Make sure you use APA formatting and comply with all aspects of the rubric.
Your final paper will be no less than 4 full pages not including the cover page and reference list. Please not that 3 12 pages is not 4 pages. Papers shorter than 4 full pages will not be read and will earn a 0.
The paper will be no longer than 5 pages – not including the cover page and reference list. More than 5 pages will not be read.
You should include an introduction and conclusion as well as a purpose statement.
You must include at least 3 peer-reviewed journal article, but no more than 5. You must also use at least one of the articles that you used for the Paraphrasing Assignment, but no more than 3 of them.
Do not use direct quotes.
Do not use first person (only use third person).
Use past tense.
You will format this assignment as a formal, scholarly paper using APA formatting. This includes a cover page, a reference page, and all appropriate formatting (including page numbers).
Submit your work as an attachment and as a .doc or .docx file not other formats will be accepted. Make sure you check to ensure your work uploaded correctly.

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