Unit 7 Career Development in Later Adolescence

Your readings in this unit include a focus on career development and choice in later adolescence. Thinking about what you have read, explain how the development trajectory informs career development. How might career planning programs be helpful for adolescents? Describe the important factors that influenced your own career development including sociocultural influences and economic influences.
(My Career Path is School Counseling)
If you could implement a career planning program in your area for adolescents, how would you organize and manage the program? What resources could help adolescents begin thinking about a career choice? What outcomes would tell you that the program is successful?

Please use my textbook as one of the references
Development Through Life
AS sychosocial Approach
Newman & Newman
Eleventh Edition 2012

Readings for this Unit:
Chapter 10, "Later Adolescence (18 to 24 Years)," pages 386–425.

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