Understanding Cross-Cultural Management

In Browaeys, M-J & Price, R (2011) Understanding Cross-Cultural Management (2nd Edition), London, Prentice Hall*,
read Chapter 6, “Culture and Styles of Management” (pp 114-130)
and answer the following question in an essay of 1,500 words (=/- 10%)
Some people say that in international business it is important to adhere to professional norms of behaviour, such as punctuality, meeting deadlines and following terms of contract. However, other people consider that national cultures have a much greater influence over business activities. Therefore, managers who work overseas and/or deal with international partners should be aware of cultural differences.
Which of these opinions do you support? Explain your answer using appropriate theory and give relevant examples.
You are welcome to use additional theories and sources that you are familiar with to strengthen your analysis
Make sure that you thoroughly reference your essay.

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