Understanding and Evaluating the Arts

A. Questions for weekly discussions and conversations (not part of the required Discussion Board assignment)

These questions can serve as the starting point for your discussions during the week. They are “thought starters,” so that you can explore some ideas associated with the discussion board and unit topics. Answers are not required, and should not be submitted with your required assignment. Answers are not graded.

1. How did you gain an awareness and understanding of art forms?

2. What are your impressions of what constitutes a work of art?

B. Required Discussion Board assignment.

•For this assignment, you will take on the role of an investigative journalist by using the Internet to seek out different kinds of artworks including art that is not conventionally considered to be art. Your search begins by looking for ideas in the Classroom Materials, your instructor’s assignment notes, and the Library’s Guides to Library Resources for this class. Works of art currently, or traditionally found in museums should be excluded from your examples.
•Choose two specific works of art (not general forms of art) that will make for a captivating news article.
•Using the art terminology and concepts outlined in the textbook and supplement reading to describe and evaluate each artwork chosen by answering the following questions. Apply your own critical thinking to completely describe the works and put them in context for the reader.
•Elaborate on the details in your own words. Consider including a headline to grab your reader’s attention, and be sure to include a clearly labeled URL (Web link) to the image.
What is the FORM of the work?

•Is it a two-dimensional or three-dimensional work of art?
•What materials are used?
•What techniques or processes are used to create the artwork?
•What colors are used?
•Describe the use of line, shape, texture, value, color, and balance.
Does the work of art have SUBJECT MATTER?

•If so, what is literally depicted?
What is the CONTENT?

•What does it mean or represent?
•What is the artist’s message?
•Is symbolism used? If so, what is the meaning?
•What is the context of the artwork?
•What is the function of the artwork?
•What traditional role of the artist is exemplified?

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