Turbo blaster Air Pump





Turbo blaster Air Pump


The turbo blaster air pump is a type of machine, which helps in minimizing the volume and adds the pressure for a certain amount of air through a mechanical means. In this case, the compressed air acquires a high amount of potential energy. This is because if the external pressure is eradicated, the air expands at a faster rate. As air is compressed, it is also heated. The turbo blaster comprises of three main parts including the barrel assembly, plunger assembly and the hose.


The machinery is compact, lightweight and portable.

The air pump can be used for any type of small inflatable device.

It weighs 60 pounds per square inch.


In this section of the air pump, the octagonal barrel cap permits access to the pump mechanism diaphragm. It is fibered to connect to the interior part and includes a hole in the center measuring a quarter inch that slides over the shaft. A hole located at one side of the cap section measuring one eighth of an inch permits air to enter the interior section.

Barrel assembly

This section of the air pump comprises of the three sections including the interior or housing, barrel cap and a toe plate.

Plunger assembly

This section contains three parts including a rod, handle and a diaphragm.


The rod measures a quarter of an inch by sixteen and a half inches, which is threaded by a steel shaft. Above the thread is a wooden handle that measures one by six inches. At the bottom, a diaphragm and leather washer is secured by two nuts measuring a quarter inches.


This is a hollow section containing a steel barrel, which measures four and a half inches by seventeen inches. The top end is threaded to receive the barrel cap. It contains a covered fabric that measures eighteen inches and a rubber hose of one inch that screw into the housing right above the base with a compressed brass fitting.

Plate base

This part measures four and a half inches and it is where the operator stands during the process-taking place in the pump’s plunger mechanism.


This part of the air pump fastens the hose nozzle onto the filler stem of an object to be filled with air. It then stands on the toe plate and pumps the plungers as it swings in order to inflate the object. However, inflatable objects in different measurements may need size filler needles that are different.


The device measures 18 inches and is made of steel rubber hosing and brass fittings.

Plunger system

This section is fitted into the housing section and is protected by the barrel cap.


The main retailing price for the turbo blast air pump costs nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents.


The turbo blast is a commendable type of machinery especially when the quality of its structure, design or making is considered. Besides, it is more inexpensive to buy an item whose features reassure reliability. The turbo blast air pump is also made of a steel construction, that is rust proof and hence the customer can be assured of benefiting from a long period of high quality service. The different sections of the air pump are made of high quality material including steel and brass, which gives it strength of high quality. A high quality device reduces maintenance costs and hence in the case of the air pump, it will be able to perform its function for storing great potential energy without giving any challenges.


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