Trends in Hispanic municipal leadership

The Thesis contains five chapters with 65 pages. It will look like:

Chapter I: The Problem
– Introduction-Statement of the Problem
– Background or Significance of the Problem
Chapter II: Literature Review
– Overview as Historical
– Background a Presentation of Literature
– as Purpose of the Study
– Rationale Questions or Hypotheses
– Operational Definitions
– Summary
Chapter III: Method
– Overview
– Research Method
– Research Design
– Pilot Studies (if applicable)
– Selection of Subjects
– Instrumentation
– â?šProcedures for Data Collection
– Procedures for Data Analysis
– Assumptions and Limitations of the Study
– Summary
Chapter IV: Results
Findings Organized by Questions or Hypotheses
Chapter V: Discussion and Recommendationsâ?š
– Discussion of Results and Conclusions
– Recommendations
– Suggestions for Further Research

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