You will create a tourism bibliography for this course. You will use the research question you developed earlier in the semester that is related to critical tourism and provide a ten-citation bibliography formatted using your choice of citation style (Chicago, MLA, APA). Again, this research project is generated from your research question and supporting ideas assignment. You are allowed to use a variety of credible sources for the bibliography; however, you should limit web sites to 2-3 of the entries.

Your research question must be approved by Lis. Thus, if you change it from the initial assignment please run the change by Lis. Remember to pick something specific and meaty. For example, instead of merely asking ‘What locations offer yoga retreats?’ you might pick something like ‘How do yoga retreat organizers market to women?’ Your topic should have a point of view and must be relevant to what we are reading in class.

Please submit the assignment as a Word or PDF document to the course drop box. A bibliography is a list of sources; it is not a research paper. That step will come later in the final exam.

In fact, you will use the information in this bibliography in the final exam for the course. Consequently, you not only need to find and organize this information, but read it as well.

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