Topic: Sugar & Black Swan

Select 2 narrative films (domestic or international) from the past decade: an auteur film and a commercial film.

Compare and contrast:

Relationship of the films to their era: country of origin politics and economics, international politics if pertinent.

Pertinent biographical details of the director, screenwriter and producers.

Influences from past film movements.

Dominant social issues explored through the characters/story/themes.

Production details. Budget and profit (if any).

Discuss the film’s relationship to the audience who viewed it. How did they view it: in theaters, DVD rentals, online (Netflix, etc)? Did the film succeed in reaching an audience, domestically, internationally? Identify which audience the film did reach. Was that audience different than the filmmakers had anticipated? Discuss: if the film disappointed at the box office, do you think it reflected more on audience or the film or both?

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