Topic 1: Introduction to Clinical Stream planning Create: A table which compares the clinical streams used in the development of the Health Services Plans (HSPs) for each of SCHHS and Northern NSW LHD. Why do you think that there are differences in approach? This is an assessable task. (150 word)

Topic 2: Role Delineation and Models of Care
A table which compares the role delineation by clinical service for The Tweed Hospital and Lismore Hospitals in the Northern NSW LHD with the Royal North Shore Hospital in Northern Sydney LHD. Describe what are the differences and why they have occurred. All the information to complete this task should be available in the relevant HCSP for Northern NSW and CSP for Northern Sydney LHD. This is an assessable task. (150 word)
Topic 3: Service profiles
Review the data provided for three LHDS in NSW in Slide 5 by geographic planning area (Health Service Groups, Sectors, Health Services). Prepare a table for each LHD showing population changes between 2011 and 2021 for each of these planning areas, the percentage growth, as well as current health facilities (hospitals, community health centres) within each planning area. Which of these planning areas appears to be well serviced and why? Can you make this decision from the available information? This is an assessment task. (150 word)

Topic 4: Data analysis
An analysis of catchment and reverse catchment data for one clinical stream in any of the health service plans that have been presented in Module 4. Describe inflows, outflows and net flows. Use graphs and tables to present your data. Ensure that you source the data that you have analysed including page numbers. This is an assessable task. (150 word)

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