To complete your posts, follow these steps: Review the following from this unit’s required readings in The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers. This is a summary and response to the article, “Teach Diversity—With a Smile,” by Barbara Ehrenreich, on pages 82–84. While the student summary and response falls on different pages, you will consider pages 85–88 to be the sample Summary and Response essay (the type of essay you are finalizing this week). “Summary of ‘Teach Diversity—With a Smile,'” pages 85–86. “Response to ‘Teach Diversity—With a Smile,'” pages 87–88. Write an original post about this essay giving your answers to the following questions, make specific references in your post to the student paper in your text book. Has the writer followed the guidelines for writing summaries (page 85)? Is the summary objective, rather than personal? Does the writer use author tags to let the reader know that the ideas are those of the original, not of the writer? What is your reaction to the writer’s response? Do you find the evidence for the writer’s opinion to be convincing?

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