Threats for example, such as hackings and terrorism. After, what are possible solutions to handle cyberthreats?

This essay will be about cyberspace and how it effects national security. The growth of cyberspace, the threats of it. As well as, include the opportunities it has created to benefit national security; how the future will look as it continues to grow and be a part of national security/government in the national and international level. I would like the United States to be main country of this topic but other countries can be used as well for examples. 1) Capture a summary of the principle issue; 2) advance a thoughtful analysis of the issue; 3) relate the subject matter to the course; 4) incorporate at least five different sources you have found on your own in order to advance a substantial and thoughtful analysis; and 5) address a specific policy conundrum related to national security, intelligence, and/or terrorism. The developmental paragraphs offer an understanding of the intelligence agencys major issues (they can be bureaucratic, foreign challenges, strategic struggles, failures and successes, and so on). The conclusion advances a well-woven picture of whether it has been, generally speaking, a successful agency and the policy options that it may need for improvement. The goal of this assignment is to begin to understand the intelligence and national security challenges of other nations, particularly those of interest to the student.

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