This week, you are planning and prewriting for your Explanatory Essay.

To successfully complete your Unit 4 assignment, complete the following steps:

Examine the List of Approved Articles for Writing, and identify an article relevant to your life and goals. This article may pertain to your academic program and interests, your current or future career and goals, or one of your personal passions.
Read the article several times, taking careful notes on the article’s structure, concepts, and presentation of facts. Narrow to a single topic that sparks your interest in that article.
Begin your library research by going to the Capella Library and searching across all collections, using the Summon search tool. On your iGuide page, go to Library, and locate the Summon search box. You will use your search terms and once you have searched, check the boxes Items with full text online and Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review. This way, you will know that your results are both in full-text (so you will be able to read the entire article online), and that they meet the important requirement of being scholarly and peer-reviewed by other experts in the field.
Choose two forms of prewriting from the following: freewriting, mapping, listing, brainstorming, and directed questioning.
Fully execute your two chosen techniques, with the goal of explaining your article’s topics to your reader, based on the points made in the article and on your own understanding of the article and topics.
Remember, this is your opportunity to explore different ways of potentially approaching this essay. Prewriting is a way to expand your thinking and record your initial ideas. You are not committing to a clear plan at this point.
Compose your prewriting for the Explanatory Essay as your assignment for this unit. Include the following:
The author and title of your chosen article.
Your full and complete application of the two prewriting methods you performed.
A statement of the organizational structure (illustration, chronological order, process analysis, or causal analysis) you will apply, and why you feel this structure will be effective to explain your article of choice and its topics.
For instructions and examples related to in-text citation and end referencing of articles from your book, please refer to the Explanatory Essay Sample, linked in the Resources

You do not have to find the articles in Capella Library it can be in any library.

My list of approved article is “Cyberbullying” by Jennifer Holladay, page 358.

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