This essay will be Bases on the book Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros and part of your experience and background. I prefer if my writer is of hispanic/latino descent in order to be able to connect with this book. The following is a guideline and instructions for the paper.

For this paper, I want to hear how the concepts we covered in class will affect the narrative you tell from this point on.

How will

(1) What you know about cultural trauma

(2) What you know about family systems theory

(3) Your role as a narrative coyote

(4) The impact of family narratives on future generations

Shape the narrative YOU pass down? In what ways will this story be similar to or different from the stories in Caramelo?
– Story you pass down to your kid
A strong paper will summarize your understanding of each of the four points above. It will then tell me the impact of each of those items on the narrative you will tell.

A strong paper will connect the narrative you will tell to the narratives in Caramelo.

5 pages. Double spaced.

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