Therapeutic Communication in Professional Nursing Practice

Paper Outline & Reference page Rubric I. Introduction a. Includes the topic of the paper **Therapeutic Communication in Professional Nursing Practice** b. Connects the paper topic to professional nursing practice (5 points) c. Includes a clear purpose statement (5 points) d. Reminder: Introductory paragraph Length requirements for the paper is 4-8 sentences minimum. II. Body a. Clearly defines the topic. (5 points) b. Describes the connection of the paper topic to professional nursing practice. (5 points) c. Illustrates, gives examples, of the topic in practice (5 points) d. Specifically describes how the topic improves, or fails to improve, practice and support/move professional nursing practice forward and/or negatively impacts practice. (5 points) III. Conclusion a. Highlights, discusses, at least 3 main themes from the paper (5 points) b. Reminder: in the paper you will summarize these points and draw conclusions appropriately IV. References/Credibility a. Includes at least 3 articles on the reference page (5 points) b. Articles are less than 5 years old and are from scholarly, referred nursing journals. (Other disciplines may be used sparingly and only with approval from course facilitator.) (5 points) c. Articles are pertinent to the students paper (5 points)

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