The United States entrance, involvement, and exit from the Vietnam War

You must meet all of the following requirements: Precise and accurate MLA or APA citations Inclusion of at least one academic book Inclusion of at least one scholarly journal article Inclusion of at least one Internet source not found through a database search Inclusion of complete annotations for each source Each annotation must include the following: A complete description of the process used to find and obtain the source. A two to three sentence summary of the specific contents of the source. An evaluation of why the source is credible. An evaluation of why the source is appropriate for a college-level research writing assignment. Document 2: Researched Academic Essay Please write a research-based academic essay that makes an argument and meets all of the following requirements: 12-15 pages in length (at least 12 full pages not including bibliography) Supported with evidence from at least 8 credible and appropriate sources Integration of sources into the essay must include a combination of summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation Appropriately formatted in either MLA or APA style Appropriately cited in MLA or APA style, including a Works Cited or References list Argumentative: the thesis must make a claim, and the essay must develop and explain the reasons and evidence which support that claim Includes at least one counterargument Appropriate in language, pacing, and information for its audience

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