The Tempest

For this paper, consider the point of view of an actor auditioning for a role in The Tempest. As you stand before the judges, you must explain:

a. The character you are auditioning for: why this character?
b. One speech that you will “deliver” and a full explanation of it’s relevance to the play and how it is significant to your character.
c. Your experience: from one other play we’ve read this semester. Pic a character from King Lear, Macbeth, Richard III, Midsummer, Taming of a shrew. What does your experience playing that character bring to your audition for The Tempest?

* Have a point of view/argument/thesis to defend regarding your character and “experience”
* Include a close analysis of one speech from The Tempest
* Edit papers for surface errors and clarity
* Properly cite, introduce and comment on quotations
* Maintain a “relatively” formal tone (avoid conversational phrases and second person)

Please if this is not clear EMAIL me a question.

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