The Shack

For the paper on The Shack, it needs to have at least eight separate paragraphs: intro, six body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The intro gives a summary of the book and tells your here point thesis.

Your body paragraphs should discuss the three thesis topics you are discussing from the book, 2 paragraphs for each topic, for a total of six body paragraphs. One paragraph to explain how the book views or explains the topic, and another paragraph to tell your agreement/disagreement with the book’s view of that topic.

The conclusion wraps up your overall opinion of the book and restates your thesis.

Here are some topics: Trinity, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Cost of Freedom, Gender of God, Relationship vs Rules, Religion/Church, Christology (What Christ did), Goodness of God, Communication, Holy Spirit (Pneumatology), Judgment.

1. Intro
a. Brief overview of book
b. Thesis – 3 points/topics
2. Topic 1 – book’s description
3. Your agree/disagreement
4. Topic 2 – book’s description
5. Your agree/disagreement
6. Topic 3 – book’s description
7. Your agree/disagreement
8. Conclusion
a. Restate Thesis
b. Overall opinion of book

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