The Saudi Dream



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The Saudi Dream

            Saudi is the second-largest country in the region of Western Asia. Like any other country, Saudi, through its authorities, is concerned about its citizens. It is a national desire for the people in Saudi to live comfortable lives, with all their needs within reach. The country also aspires for prosperity of all kind, including economic prosperity. This is part of the Saudi dream, which the country is working on to bring it to reality.

In order to liven this dream, the country leaders and citizens work collectively to achieve this. While individuals struggle at their personal level, the leadership develops policies that will improve the lives of individuals in Saudi. One of the most used strategies by the leadership in Saudi in order to achieve the Saudi dream is the aspect of education. Saudi has greatly invested in educating its people. This is through building sufficient learning institutions in the country, and equipping the education sector with all the necessary resources for an effective educational process. Additionally, the authorities in Saudi offer scholarships for higher learning to various students to further their studies. This is because education is believed to be the key to unlocking the Saudi dream.

If Saudi achieves its goal of educating as many people as possible, then the country will have moved closer to realizing its dream. This is because, education, especially higher education is a great determinant of a person’s position in life. This includes both economic and social standing, as well as the political standing. If more people in Saudi are educated up to the degree level and beyond, they will most probably find good jobs, and be able to take care of their financial needs. A good education comes with a good job, which later translates into good salary, and finally, a good life. Although jobs are not guaranteed, the authorities in Saudi have also prioritized economic strengthening of the country. Most importantly, education will make people to be more knowledgeable about different life aspects. With education, young people of Saudi will be creative enough to come up with new job opportunities and create jobs, instead of waiting to be employed. This is because of the dynamics of the global economy, which equally affect Saudi. Since knowledge is power, the country will be empowered, and this will be the beginning of better things for Saudi.

In order to achieve its dream, Saudi has invested in education. Education leads to empowerment, financial freedom, and knowledge. Lack of these three factors is a characteristic of most poor and underdeveloped countries. Therefore, by investing in education, Saudi is sure to eradicate any element of poverty in its citizens, so that all citizens live a fulfilling life.


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