The role of gender, religion, and ethnicity in womens economic participation and empowerment in Levant countries: A Case study of Jordan

Dear management, Kindly note that, I have already ordered the Literature Review Chapter and the Methodology Chapter, and they still need some work, therefore, I need you now to work on the rest of the dissertation chapters. Also, I am submitting my dissertation guidelines, I hope this will help you in collating the information that I need for this dissertation. I have also uploaded the Literature Review Chapter and the Methodology Chapter, with my notes on them as guideline for you to help you, as you need to know what already have been including on these two chapters. Furthermore, additional instructions will be provided. As well as please I need you always to provide me with drafts from the work you have done, so we can work on that and edit if we need to. The references should be 95 academic references no less. The citation and references should follow Harvard style. The word counts should be 9000 words no less.

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