The research project should focus on gathering data necessary to solve a current organizational problem.

The end objective of BBM 407 is for each student to complete a 10-12 page capstone research project. The research project should focus on gathering data necessary to solve a current organizational problem.  The paper should draw upon the concepts and theories covered throughout the Organizational Management program.  We will use a disciplined approach, and each week we will add new elements to the research project until it is completed at the end of the course.  The final project should be in APA format and be a minimum of 10-12 pages in length with at least 6 references.  Your paper will utilize the following format:

Title page
Abstract page
Introduction  (Why did you chose this organization? What is the action research problem? Why is it relavant?….)
Methods  (How will data be collected to answer the reseach question? Will quantitative or qualitative methods be used?….)
Results  (What were the results of your research?)
Conclusion  (What is your final analysis based on the results of your research? What action will be taken?…..)
Reference  (minimum of 6)
Appendix  (Include a copy of any survey or interview questions used to collect data for your study.)

The assignment is due at the end of the last week of class.  To ensure success, you should plan to “chip away” on this paper every week.  It is suggested that you utilize the Wilmington University Library to gather background information on your problem topic. Try several different database search terms relating to the research problem or question in which you are interested.  Persue abstracts from articles that arise from the various searches.  (Don’t read the full articles at this point).  If a particular article is exactly on target, then take the time to read the article in full and consider referencing its content.

Ultimately, this paper should represent your contribution to the body of knowledge that exists in area of Organizational Management. The quality of this project should reflect your academic maturity and knowledge of your chosen area of academic study. That is why it is referred to as a “Capstone” project or “Crowning Achievement”. I encourage you to carefully choose your topic. Please consider focusing on an organizational problem that you have a great deal of interest in. This will make your journey through this process far more rewarding. The grading rubric for this paper is located in the rubrics tab to the left. Enjoy!

(please review the rubric tab to the left for grading details)

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