The relationship between decreasing delivery time and shipping and handling charges and the expected increase/decrease in sales volume of online stores in Saudi Arabia

Please make sure to provide a high quality paper. my last experience was very bad. the writer used fake references for most of the document and stole from my proposal. Kristen from customer care assured me this will not happen again and therefore i will place the order. UK style is important Harvard style is required Please follow my instructions precisely and don’t ignore any point. You are professional writer so i expect you will add what you think is good for my thesis Instructions : Abstract (200 words) Abstract must include these elements: A- General background information about research B-Problem statement, the need for research and research questions C-Objectives of the study D-Brief about methodology, participants , instruments, procedures, and data analysis D-Findings F-Brief recommendations of the study. Table of Contents Chapter One: Introduction (160 words) 1.1 Introduction to the Topic (750 words ) avoid vague introduction Introduction must include these elements: A-state the general topic and give background and the of the problem B-previous research in the area and their value/ and relevance and need for the current research C- state the current problem and identify the gap D-significance of research (why it is important?) E-research question F-aims and objectives G-research design and context (add brief introduction to the methodology) 1.2 Rationale for the Study (200 words) (support it and justify it strongly) Rational must include these elements: A-My personal objectives in conducting this research (such as developing ecommerce in my country etc) B-State the contribution this research adds to the literature by eliminating the gap and why it is important. C-state the benefit associated with the solution of the problem and how can they be used D- explain in what ways my research contributes to the achievement of my long-term career aspirations in a detailed way.. 1.3 Overview of Chapters (160 words) Chapter Three: Research Methodology Introduction (100 words) Please do not copy from my proposal (just when you extremely need this) 3.1 The Quantitative Approach (750 words) (6 references required) A-write about the DESCRIPTIVE research design and include references B-writer must consider other approaches such as the qualitative approach C-defend the use of quantitative approach instead of qualitative approach in this case D-Write about methodologies that key authors in this area utilize to study this topic. These are the most important points but I expect you to add more 3.2 Sampling Strategy (400 words) (3 references required) justify the choice of random sampling and sample size note: in my proposal I said this research aims at recruiting 200 participants at least but when I calculated it scientifically the number is 384 based on the following formula : N(sample size) = z-value2 x p (population proportion) x (1 p) / d2 (confidence interval) (3,84) x (0.50) x (0.50) / 0.0025 = 384 which is the appropriate sample size my sample size now 194 participants so you could say that this study scientifically aimed at recruiting 384 but due to shortage of time we had only 194. These are the most important points but I expect you to add more 3.3 Research Instrument (online survey) (600 words) (3 references required) rationale for choice of survey distribution (IMPORTANT) discuss how questions in research instrument were devised or how they link to the key themes identified in the literature (extremely important) 3.4 Data Collection (300 words) 3.5 Data Analysis (300 words) 3.6 Limitations of the Applied Research Methodology (300 words) These are the most important points but I expect you to add more Chapter Four: Findings, Analysis and Discussion Introduction (150 words) 4.1 Sample Population (150 words) use 4.2 Online Survey Results link results to the literature (extremely important) in chapter four I PROVIDED THE ANALYSIS YOU ONLY HAVE TO reword all lines in green in a professional and academic manner. (1912 words as rewording) Chapter Five: Conclusions and Recommendations Introduction (100 words) 5.1 Conclusions (700 words) 5.2 Recommendations (300 words) 5.3 Limitations of the current study (250 words) 5.4 Areas for Future Research and Suggestions for Extension (350 words) 5.5 Reflection and Final Thoughts (150 words)

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