The Psychology of Racism: An Introduct

The paper must be double-spaced and should have 1inch top, bottom, left and right margins.
It should be in Times New Roman, 12pt font.
The paper must be at least 1 page (300 words minimum), but NOT longer than 2 pages. You
do not need to have title and abstract pages.
Use a title that indicates which article you chose to read.. The first part of the paper must summarize the major ideas or research processes in the article.
The summary should demonstrate that you understand how the researchers used good
research practices to answer questions about a psychological idea.
Summarize using your own words and use no more than 2 direct quotes (if any at all).
Remember that quotes MUST be cited with in-text citations.
Your summary must include descriptions of the design and outcome of the study(s) discussed
in the article.The second part of the paper must describe how the ideas or research processes in the article relate
to material in the course.
Your reflection may include personal anecdotes; however the reflection must directly connect
the material presented in the article to information from your class lectures or book readings.
Example of topics that you may wish to discuss in this section:
o Does the article elaborate on a concept or principle described in the text or in a
o Does the article provide evidence for or against a principle described in class?
o What new/innovative ideas are introduced that go beyond the course material? You must include in-text citations for all intellectual property that you summarize (even if
you are not referencing a direct quote).References Page
You must provide a full reference for the article that you are writing your research paper on!
Failure to do so will result in required revisions and/or loss of credit.
Additionally, anytime that you use a parenthetical citation, the citation must refer to a full
reference at the end of the paper.
Pay close attention to the case, font, and punctuation in these examples!
All full references should have a 0.5 inch hanging indentation (see below). If you are unsure of
how to insert a hanging indentation in Microsoft word, please refer to the following guide:
Kochanska, G. (2002). Mutually responsive orientation between mothers and their young
children: A context for the early development of conscience. Current Directions in Psychological
Science, 11, 191-195.

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