The Process of Interpersonal Communication by ronald b adler

Directions – Read chapters one and two in the text and the attached dialogue “Riley is Called to the Office” and respond to all of the following questions in an essay paper:
•    Chapter 1 Concepts:
o    How does the dialogue show that interpersonal communication is irreversible and intentional or unintentional?
o    What are two examples of content and relational levels of messages in the dialogue?
•    Chapter 2 Concepts:
o    What is one example of high context communication and what is one example of low context communication in the dialogue?
o    What is one example of achievement culture and one example of nurturing culture in the dialogue?
o    How do co-cultures affect this communication?

When Writing Your Essay Follow These Criteria –
•    To answer the questions effectively:
o    First, define the concept in your own words.
o    Second, provide evidence from the dialogue that demonstrates the concept.
o    Third, explain how the evidence fit your definition of the concept.
•    Spelling and grammar should be complete and free from errors.
o    Do not use contractions (e.g., don’t, won’t) or slang.
o    The introduction should identify the dialogue and the concepts to be discussed.
o    Paragraphs need to have a minimum of four sentences.
o    The conclusion should briefly restate your points/topics and give a closing thought.
•    Follow the paper format and instructions provided on this sheet.

“Riley is Called to the Office”

Gloria Gonzalez – 50 years old, is head of the small appliances department at Simpson’s department store. Gloria was promoted after five years working on the floor. Gloria hopes to be promoted to assistant store manager.
Riley Quinn 26 years old, has been working at Simpson’s for two years. Riley was hired to unload trucks on the loading dock but was picked to fill a sales associate vacancy in Gloria’s department two months ago.

Situation: Gloria has been asked to have a conversation with Riley after a long-time customer, Mr. Tate Carter, wrote on the store’s Facebook page that “Riley treated me poorly after I came into the store last Wednesday.” Gloria is following up with Mr. Carter on the telephone when Riley arrives.

Riley: (Riley walks through Gloria’s half open door) Hi Ms. Gonzalez …?
Gloria: (Gloria is on the telephone, she gestures for Riley to sit) Sure, I will let you know soon. (Gloria rolls her eyes and points at the phone) Okay, thanks, yes I have your contact info and I will call you back. Thanks for speaking with me, okay, bye-bye.
Riley: Hi, you asked me to stop by before I went home?
Gloria: Yes, Riley I thought I’d be finished talking before you came. I wanted to talk with you about something. A customer came in on Wednesday night and he said that you were rude.
Riley: I know exactly who it is, he came in looking for a new food processor. I’ve seen him here before but I don’t remember his name. I know he left upset but we barely spoke!
Gloria: Right, okay, so let’s start from the beginning, tell me everything you remember.
Riley: Okay so it wasn’t that busy and “what’s-her-name” came in again. Oh, you know her, black hair, she used to work in the toy department, she’s an older lady. She retired last month.
Gloria: Beth?
Riley: Yes, Beth!
Gloria: (gently laughing) Riley, Beth is my age and she didn’t retire she went back to school.
Riley: (laughs nervously) Whoops, my bad, you know what I mean. Older, I mean, not old.
Gloria: Go on, what about Beth?
Riley: Okay so Beth bought a new coffee maker last week and she couldn’t program it. Like, she wanted her coffee to start brewing every morning at a certain time and she couldn’t set the clock.
Gloria: Okay
Riley: Well I was showing her how she could use her smartphone to set the machine time and date and also to schedule when she wants her coffee to brew. There’s this app… (Riley pulls out a smartphone and starts looking for the application).
Gloria: Well where was Mr. Carter when you were showing Beth how to do this? Riley, could you put the phone away, I don’t need to see the application.
Riley: Anyway, I never used this app so I was trying to figure out how it worked so that’s what I was doing when he spoke to me.
Gloria: What did Mr. Carter say?
Riley: All he said was I need a new food processor, can you show me where they are? And so I did.
Gloria: Did what?
Riley: I told Beth just a sec and I took him over to the shelf where they were and I said here you go. Anything we would have would be right here.
Gloria: Okay, and what did he say?
Riley: He said, is that it? And I said, that’s all we have. I’ll let you check them out. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.
Gloria: And then what did you do?
Riley: I went back to help Beth. He left before I could speak to him again.
Gloria: Did you tell him the prices, the best selling model, any special features of the machines?
Riley: No, he didn’t ask for that, he just asked for me to show me where they were. Plus he left so quickly.
Gloria: Riley! You should have explained the features of the different machines.
Riley: Why, there is a big sign of details in front of each machine. If he read those signs he would know more than I do.

Gloria: Customers don’t read those signs. They are looking at how you react to each of the different brands of machines because they know you sell a lot of them. If they trust you, they will buy the brand that you recommend.
Riley: Even if I don’t know what to recommend? I just started working here two months ago.
Gloria: Okay, listen Mr. Carter said he came in, you couldn’t get off your cell phone to help him, and when he did ask for help you just led him to the shelf and said “there you go?”
Riley: No, I was helping, oh what’s her name, Beth. I like Beth, we talked about what is going on in the store. I felt bad for her. I think she’s lonely. She didn’t say she was lonely but I felt I should spend some time with her.
Gloria: Did she buy anything? (Riley shakes her head) So you lost a sale from a good customer to talk with Beth who didn’t buy anything except the coffeemaker she bought last week?
Riley: I don’t know why you are so upset. We are paid hourly wage. I didn’t lose a commission.
Gloria: How much you sell determines whether we get promotions, raises and extra help behind the counter. It does matter. You should have offered to talk about the machines with Mr. Carter.
Riley: I told him to ask if he needed anything, he knew that I could have done that for him. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I saw his comment online and I posted a reply. Let me find it (Riley reaches for the smartphone again).
Gloria: What! What did you do?
Riley: (now paraphrasing the online comment) I apologized that he felt mistreated and I offered to give a good customer discount code for 15% off his next purchase.
Gloria: Why would you do that? That’s my job to deal with customer complaints, not yours. Did I ever tell you to reply to him?
Riley: No but I knew what you were calling me to your office for so I thought I’d apologize before you had to tell me to do it but I can delete my comment. When I heard you wanted to see me I figured it’s what you wanted.
Gloria: You can delete the comment but the damage is already done.
Riley: I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. I apologized, I was being nice.
Gloria: But Mr. Carter might not interpret your response that way. And what about every other customer who reads your comment. What will they think? That’s why I wanted to talk with Mr. Carter on the phone or better yet, have him come back up into the store.
Riley: (Riley shifts in the chair uncomfortably and is now visibly sweating) I am sorry but I don’t think I did anything wrong in this situation (Riley swallows hard).
Gloria: Go delete the comment and let’s talk more tomorrow after I speak to Mr. Carter.
Riley: (sighs, now relieved) Okay, so I’ll stop by after my shift tomorrow?

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