The perception of Xu Beihong’s paintings

Group of Horses (Chinese name: ??)
Ink and color on paper;
09.5 x 121.5 cm, 1940

Rooster crowing in the wind and rain (Chinese name: ????)
Dated 1937
Hanging scroll, ink and colour on paper
132 x 78 cm

**(Could be including any other horses paintings of Xu Beihong, if needed)
Uploaded one book reference:

Otsuka, R. Y., Xu, B., Xu, F., Chen, H., Xu Beihong ji nian guan, & Denver Art Museum. (2011). Xu beihong :Pioneer of modern chinese painting : Selections from the xu beihong memorial museum. Denver, Colo.: Denver Art Museum.

>>> Chapter: P.51-57, Xu Beihong’s Traditional Chinese Paintings of Animals and Landscapes, by Chen Hao

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