The perception of Xu Beihong’s paintings

ubject: Introduction to Chinese Art
Words: 850-1000 words

Analysis of Chinese artist – Xu Beihong’s traditional paintings in different aspects – political and historical aspects, values, style, significance, influence towards Chinese art history. Also, the analysis of how he used his innovative spirit (the Realism) to guide his originality and creativity in the modern Chinese art world.

Group of Horses (Chinese name: ??)
Ink and color on paper;
09.5 x 121.5 cm, 1940

Rooster crowing in the wind and rain (Chinese name: ????)
Dated 1937
Hanging scroll, ink and colour on paper
132 x 78 cm

**(Could be including any other horses paintings of Xu Beihong, if needed)
Uploaded one book reference:

Otsuka, R. Y., Xu, B., Xu, F., Chen, H., Xu Beihong ji nian guan, & Denver Art Museum. (2011). Xu beihong :Pioneer of modern chinese painting : Selections from the xu beihong memorial museum. Denver, Colo.: Denver Art Museum.

>>> Chapter: P.51-57, Xu Beihong’s Traditional Chinese Paintings of Animals and Landscapes, by Chen Hao

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