The pedagogy of relationship in early childhood education

Essay exploring and reflecting on the pedagogy of relationship as presented trough Australian National and relevant State early childhood curriculum, policy and advocacy documents . Additional information: Your assignment must be a format academic essay ( written in 3 red person ) with introduction, body , conclusionabs a complete APA cited only the source you actually read and cited in your essay -you must revert to Early Years Learning Framework ( DEER, 2009) as a minimum in reference to curriculum documents and can if you wish to discuss state curriculum in addition. – Reference to policy and advocacy documents may include : documents from the National Quality Framework (NQF)e.g Guide to National Quslity Standard ( NQS) , Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Action Plan , and other government policies you find in your research . -Your essay must reflect upon what these curriculum and policy documents contain in relation to the pedagogy of relationship in early childhood education abd carw settings.First you must establish what Pedagogy of Relationship entails , and then you need to read /evaluate /critique the various documents for how they reflect these ideals .

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