The Odyssey By Homer

Write a persuasive essay addressed to an imagined (or real) audience who objects to reading the great works because they are old and irrelevant to modern-day life. Clearly identify this audience in your essay, and try to persuade them to read a particular book from our syllabus. Use this book as an example of why students today should read the great works.

Introductory and concluding paragraphs: introduction provides context and prepares readers for thesis. Conclusion answers the “so-what?” question. In other words, the conclusion tells readers how the paper is significant.

Citation: When you cite or quote from a text, please use correct MLA citation style. You should include in-text parenthetical citation—(author’s last name page number/line number)—and a Works Cited page.

1200-1500 word essay

Much of your evidence should come from the book you have chosen to focus on in your essay. Your evidence should show a mature and thoughtful attempt to interact with the great work you have chosen to focus on in your essay.

The only source should be the book. All citations and examples come from this one book.

2 citations per body paragraph thought. No citations in intro paragraph or conclusion..

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