the issue of the deaf and mute

Purpose of the assignment
As the third step in your sequenced writing project, this assignment asks you to “synthesize” three credible sources I will upload by explaining critical relationship between them, and by discussing how they can help you further develops your issue (the issue in the previous paper : what extent the deaf and mute people should be perceived and treated, and how this treatment can promote the communication skills of the deaf and mute in the field of education). By “explaining critical relationships,” I mean that you will put your sources into “conversation” with each other following the models and strategies we’ve discussed in class for doing “comparative analysis”

Important moves in synthesis paper
Introduce-and articulate with precision- your “research question” or “issue” by using the multimedia source to formulate a lens claim that argues for the “exigence” of the issue (that is, why your issue is, in fact, an “issue”: its “stakes” or consequences)
Account for how your sources help you respond to that question in a new way (e.g. how all four of your sources broadly relate to each other and to your issue)
Discuss specific implicit, critical relationships between your sources and your issue by putting together different sets of analytical claims (“similarity in difference” and “difference in similarity) and lens claims
Provide analysis and examples to further develop each lens claim
Use transitions to signal movement from one set of claims to the next
Conclude by considering a new direction for the issue

About the genre
Remember that your hypothetical academic audience has not read any of your previous essays and work. This “rhetorical situation” means that this “synthesis” paper should be designed to stand alone as a complete, self-contained critical conversation in its own right.
There is no outside source.

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