The instructions that I have below are complete. I only want you to focus on the writing part. the reason that I gave you all that is so you understand what my project is about. Again you’re doing the writing part Only. I have also download the instructions for writing part only. Topic: Since this is Workplace Communication, you will examine communication practices in your future workplace. In preparing for this assignment, think about how professionals in your future career communicate with other employees, other professionals, with supervisors, with customers, and with others. Think about the topics that we discuss in class such as technology, tone, nondiscriminatory speech, persuasion, and different forms of writing. Some questions to consider may include the following: How has communication changed within the field? What constitutes effective communication in the workplace? How do specific technologies contribute to effective communication? How does audience impact the communication? You will be required to customize this assignment to the specific career field. Requirements: This project is an individual project worth 300 pts. This assignment consists of: 1. “Prospectus” (50 pts.): The prospectus will discuss your plan including your proposed research, interviews, and other forms of information gathering. In addition, you will discuss how you plan to organize your report and the general plan for your presentation. Prospectus will be one-two pages. Due Week Four. 2. Written Report (150 pts.): You will prepare a written report of four-six pages. This report will include the findings from your investigation. Due Week Ten. 3. Presentation (100 pts.): You will present to the class your findings, observations, and conclusion in an oral presentation four-five minutes in length. Due Week Ten. Prospectus (Workplan): Points to consider and provide in the prospectus: Who is your audience? Why did you choose the particular media for your oral presentation? What type of language will you use? Why did you choose this type of language? The Written Report: The written report must be four-six typed double-spaced pages with a minimum of four sources plus at least two interviews. •The sources that you select should be reliable sources. They may come from the databases, trade journals, or other written publications directly related to your field of study. This is a good opportunity to explore the types of sources that professionals in your field will use to stay current with trends and developments. •Sources such as eHow,, and Wikipedia

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