The impact of pharmaceutical marketing on healthcare cost

The proposal must include the following three sections (chapters):

I. Introduction: This section includes the following: (1) statement of the research problem (purpose of the capstone research project), (2) specific testable research hypotheses or questions which will be addressed in the project, 3) a brief but comprehensive review of related literature which supports the importance/significance of the project (4) a clear statement of the potential contribution of the project to health care management knowledge and practice. [Approximately 10 pages]

II. Methods: This section includes a detailed description of the research methods that will be employed in your capstone project. The following areas must be addressed: (1) population and sample including the sample selection criteria, (2) study design, (3) data sources, (4) methods of data collection, (5) study variables (e.g., independent and dependent variables) specified in operational terms, (6) analytic methods to be used (make sure to identify the specific statistical procedures and discuss their appropriateness). [Approximately 10 pages]

III. Findings & Discussion: This section includes the key findings of your capstone project and appropriate managerial and policy recommendations. The following must be addressed: (1) a detailed description of the key findings of your capstone project, (2) managerial and policy implications of your key findings, and (3) limitations of your capstone project and future managerial and policy recommendations. [Approximately 10 pages]

A list of references must be included at the end. You are required to include at least 10 references from peer-reviewed research journals, using the “APA” style. You may use citations from trade journals, web sites, or other published or unpublished sources to supplement, but not replace, the minimum 10 peer-reviewed journal citations.

Please note the cover and refernce pages are not including of the number of pages.

thank you.

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