The Impact of Asset Allocation VS. Security Selection on Mutual Funds’ Returns

1. (10) The title: Most “readers” read only the title of a paper and then move on to do something else. Given this, your title must accurately (but briefly) convey the precise contents of your paper. The title page should include your name, institutional affiliation, and the date. In a footnote to the title or your name, provide your email address.

2. (10) The abstract: Also on the title page, include an abstract of no more than 100 words that summarizes the entire paper. Motivate the topic and summarize the method and main results. Most “readers” who get past the title read only the abstract. Given this, it is critical that your abstract summarize the main points you want busy people to take away.

3. (20) The introduction: Most “readers” who get past the abstract read only the introduction (or perhaps only part of the introduction) and then stop. Given this, your introduction must be well written, brief, precise, and to the point, so that you do not lose the few “readers” who have made it this far. Your introduction must include the following components, in order. Write one or two paragraphs on each (preferably one), and do not exceed four pages (shorter is better):

4. (10) The conclusion: Most readers who get through the introduction skip the entire body of the paper and jump right to the conclusion. In the first paragraph, briefly summarize what has been learned. In the remaining paragraphs, briefly discuss some limitations of your results and some possible extensions. The conclusion should be at most two pages long (one page is preferable, and two paragraphs is often sufficient).

5. (50) The body of the paper and the quality of the analysis: Describe your approach and results in detail. Typically, the body includes the following components, in order. Use section and subsection headings as appropriate to organize your work, and pay attention to sentence structure and paragraph structure

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