The Great Gatsby

Reason, Type and Setting: Explain why you selected this book. Explain what type of book it is. Is it a western, adventure novel, teen romance, action, mystery, etc.? Where does your novel take place? In what time period does your book take place?

Plot: Give an account of the books major conflicts and action. Describe the parts which interested you. Don’t include every detail, just main ideas. The plot is all about the action which takes place, the story told. The plot of a book is composed through the conflict or points of interests that call for resolution. Recount your book’s plot in this section.

Character: Select a character. Describe your character’s physical appearance. What qualities does he or she possess? What roles does you character play in the plot? Why did you select this character? What interest you about the character? How did the plot change the character in the end?

Evaluation: Did you like the novel? Was it interesting? Did the book entertain you? Did it inform you? What main point about life and values did the novel make? What did it teach you? Would you recommend this book for others? Why of why not?

How does this book compare to real life? What situations, problems, current events, or issues does this book remind you? Is this book important for others to read? Why or why not?

Put yourself in the plot. Compare yourself with the main character. Would you have acted in the same way? What other conclusions might work for the book? How would you have wanted the book to end?

Author, Context and Trivia: What others books did this author write? What do you know about that author? What other books like this one have you read? How does this one compare to those others? If you have never read a book like this before, say so. Do you plan to read more of this author or type? What have you not mention in the report above that you feel might be important? Make your case in this section.

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