The chosen TNC is

Assignment Introduction

123 TNC Mapping Exercise
This week, you will prepare a map of your TNC’s global sourcing and market access networks using Google My Maps. You may find that if you are dealing with a huge TNC like GE or Unilever that it is better to just focus on one particular commodity produced by the TNC.

Note: You must create your own map. You will not be able to find pre-made maps in the main library or the business library.

Assignment Instructions
Follow the directions in this document to complete this assignment:

123 TNC Mapping Exercise (PDF) (Word)
Maps that demonstrate the supply and commodity chains of your company’s production are preferable to maps that simply show locations of different stores.

Steps and Due Dates

I. Create Your TNC Map

Using My Maps, construct a map showing how global your TNC is. Follow the 123 TNC Mapping ExercisePreview the documentView in a new window guidelines for information about how to do this.

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