The benefits of outsourcing payroll functions

Assignment 3: Research Report
Grading Criteria:
• Meets specified length
• Contains the elements specified for the research report
• Is paginated correctly
• Presents a well-developed title page
• Includes a cordial, well-developed letter of transmittal
• Includes an informative abstract describing the key points of the report
• Includes appendices that are clearly labeled and are referenced in the body of the report
• Is tailored to the audience
• Contains a thesis or purpose statement
• Cpresents information from the required number of sources, cites this information in the text using in-text citations, and presents sources in citations in a References section at the end of the report
• Cites information following APA guidelines
• Presents a clear, convincing, and developed description of the problem and solution
• Supports ideas with credible information from research
• Describes and interprets findings
• Defines technical terms and phrases as needed
• Introduces and integrates into the text any graphics used and cites any graphics from other sources
• Presents graphics that support the content of the report and are not simply decorative
• Chunks information appropriately
• Is consistent in its design
• Uses meaningful headings as needed
• Is logically organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion
• Is coherent
• Uses varied, effective sentence structure
• Contains no sentence structure problems
• Employs clear, concise, and formal language appropriate for the readers
• Contains no grammatical or spelling errors
What to do: Write formal research report in which you do the following.
• describe the topic that you think is a problem or a situation needing attention
• describe, analyze, and evaluate research findings
• draw conclusions and provide reccomendations for improvement
Here are the required components for the report:
• Title Page
• Letter of Transmittal
• Table of Contents
• Informative Abstract
• Body of Report
• References
Your report must include at least one graphic in the text. You must include a minimum of five sources including Internet resources. You must identify sources within the text of your document and in a reference list at the end. For the citations, use the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines.
Suggested Topics: Here are possible topic ideas for your analytical report:
• Analyzing privacy issues and policies in an organization
• Creating a Web site for your organization
• Analyzing information needed to develop a web site for an organization
• Developing a telecommuting program
• Developing a diversity program
• Updating your organizations’s application software to a newer version
• Implementing a new technology in an organization
• Expanding an organization globally
• Examining the possibility of starting your own business
• Analyzing future trends in your profession
• Comparing different investment options for establishing an investment plan or for retirement planning
• Changing a process or standard operating procedure in an organization
• Implementing a new benefit, such as tuition reimbursement, a training program, or a health-club benefit in an organization
• Adding a new position in an organization
• Analyzing methods to recruit and retain employees in an organization
• Analyzing ways of addressing an issue in your community, such as water usage, transportation, education, homelessness, or econaomically disadvantaged individuals
• Analyzing environmental sustainability options such as recycling programs or water conservation measures in an organization
• Analyzing security measures to impement in an organization
• Analyzing the documentation needed for a computer system
• Developing or changing a program or feature of a school, religious institution, or other organization, such as a day-care program or a scouting activity
Requirements: The minimum word length is 2,500 words for the body of the report (not including the title page, letter of transmittal, table of contents, abstract, references, and any appendices).

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