The Achievement of Desire

Journal 7

PART A. Read Rodriguez’s “The Achievement of Desire” (on Blackboard; download and print)

PART B.  Developing Key Terms

B1.  Before you read the piece, select at least 2 words from the reading that are unfamiliar to you.  For each word, 1) write the entire sentence in which it appears 2) try to write a definition of the word based on what you think it means in this sentence, 3) look the word up in the dictionary and write the dictionary definition that best fits the word in this sentence.

B2.  After you read the piece, for each word, use the word in a sentence that you created.

(Don’t just copy a sentence from the dictionary!  One of the best ways to learn vocabulary is to try using it on your own.)

PART C. Making Connections (1-2 pages, typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font)

1.    What do you think is Rodriguez trying to accomplish in (writing) this text? Was he successful? Why or why not?
2.    How is Rodriguez using Hoggart’s “Scholarship Boy” in his text?
3.    What connections do you see between Rodriguez’s piece with Anzaldua and/or Young?

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