The acceptability of a programme of aquanatal exercise for a group of women in North Saudi

outline of work

Introduction and background – why the study will be valuable – discuss cultural issue ( 500 words approx)
Literature review 1500 words– on aquanatal exercise – (here’s your critical analysis of studies)
Conclusion of lit review – no research on aquanatal exercise in Saudi
Study design
Overview of the study: qualitative with a focus group design– pre-intervention focus group for women and female relative – where the exercise will be explained and a leaflet given to take away. Intervention is a schedule of aquanatal classes (read book to decide schedule )- Then followed by postnatal focus group with same participants
Sample about 12 women in early pregnancy Consent – discuss how – poster and form
Data collection: Focus groups – audiotape, and transcribe verbatim
Strengths? Weaknesses? Why the right thing for your study. Literature!
The process to follow.
Data analysis
Don’t skimp on it. Detail. Say how you will analyse the data. content analysis – explain steps clearly. Always be clear and specific.
Ethical issues
Community may be anxious regarding exercise therefore clear explanation and support important. You will recruit by poster to avoid coercion, and relatives will be invited to the focus group and given a leaflet Consent – free to withdraw
Storage of data, confidentiality and anonymity

If the study works, X, Y and Z are likely to be the outcomes. This could impact positively on…

Study Timetable [You could also call these 2 items “Study Management”]
Include a Gantt chart. Eg… (No other text needed)
Activity Month
1 2 3 4 5 6
Ethics approval
Data collection
Data analysis

Resources (Just 3 or 4 lines at the most)
You won’t have any, but say what it might cost in terms of your time, materials, travel etc.

Dissemination A short paragraph (5 lines?). Think about different audiences & different formats.

No need for a bibliography – just the references that you have used in the text. A version of Harvard referencing is required.

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