Texting and Driving

My revision status was expired on this paper. All I need to do is have you revise this for me. I will attach the grading rubric as well. From the rubric all you do is follow the section that says overview of material taught not the whole entire thing. Also, the only thing that really needs to be revised on this is that it’s strictly a research based paper. So, in certain paragraphs where the writer just put their opinion that needs to be all researched with sources followed. This paper isn’t supposed to be oppinionated. Also on the rubric where it says how it significant to nursing field isn’t supposed to be opinion. It needs to researched and cited. Basically the whole paper is researched based, NO OPINIONS PLEASE. I am going to choose the option to pick the same writer that did this so hopefully you can revise this for me. Greatly apreciated.

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