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The project requirements are:
A. Select a research question of interest to you.
B. Calculate, interpret, and present the relevant statistics.
C. Provide a written report of the project. The written report must be typed, and APA format, and clearly contain the following sections:
Title: The title should reflect the content and emphasis of the project described in the
report. It should be as short as possible and include essential key words.
Abstract: The abstract should, in the briefest terms possible, describe the topic, the
scope, the principal findings, and the conclusions.
Introduction: The nature of the problem and why it is of interest should be conveyed in
the opening paragraphs. This section should describe clearly but briefly the background
information on the problem, what has been done before (with proper literature citations),
and the objectives of the current project. A clear relationship between the current project
and the scope and limitations of earlier work should be made so that the reasons for the
project and the approach used will be understood.
Methods: This section should clearly and completely describe how your data were collected.It should be sufficiently detailed that other experienced researchers would be
able to repeat the work and obtain comparable results.
Results: n this section, relevant data, observations, and findings are summarized.
Tabulation of data, equations, charts, and figures can be used effectively to present results
clearly and concisely.
Discussion: The crux of the report is the analysis and interpretation of the results. What
do the results mean? How do they relate to the objectives of the project? To what extent
have they resolved the problem?
Reference: Make sure you have properly cited and listed all references.

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