terminal experiment


Novel Discussion: answering 5 of the following questions, must cite at least three relevant passages in the novel as support for their in-depth Reponses.

1. What do you think are the similarities and differences between Peter Hobson and the control simulacrum?
2. What do you think are the similarities between Peter Hobson and the spirit simulacrum?
3. What do you thin are the similarities between peter hobson and the ambrotos simulacrum?
4. Who do you think is responsible for the murders of hans Larsen and rod Churchill? Flesh and blood Peter Hobson or the CONTROL SIMULACRUM?
5. How do you think the spirit simulacrum’s creation of life is similar and/or different from the Christian God’s of life
6. If continued existence after the death of the physical body is a disembodied soul or spirit, how is this similar and / or different form the spirit simulacrum’s enteral life?
7. Our technology is easily accessed and used both legally and illegally. And It could be argued, morally and immorally. Consider, for example, the NSA and Snowden cases. Also, consider the supercomputer, WATSON. How might you compare WATSON be laying the groundwork for the possibility for creating something like the simulacrum?
8. Do you think the control simulacrum, when it orchestrated, and carried out the two murders, acted immorally, amorally (lacked a sense of what is right and wrong, or is unaware or unconcerned with right and wrong, moral and immoral), or just as a sophisticated computer program?
9. Do you think the three simulacra are conscious? Self-aware? Aware of their self-awareness
10. If you could ask one question of any of the three simulacra: what would this question be? How do you think the simulacrum might respond?

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