Case Study

Question one: Problem statement

Instant Emergency alerts are becoming the main concern for a majority of Universities in the state of Virginia. The Virginia Tech was disapproved of because their mode of responding to emergencies from Universities appeared to be extremely slow. However, in the year 2007, the MarylandUniversity managed to initiate an alerting system, in which enables the alerting of emergent situations through the mobile phone by sending text messages. Conversely, problems surfaced including the legal difficulties, whereby the institution was unable to permit student contributions for the emergency service and therefore, had to apply different marketing strategies to petition for the intended contract.

This case is common in the United States since most Educational institutions that have adopted the emergency alerting message system have students that display slow adjustment to such technologies. However, the main issues to be considered is the slow pace of adopting the emergency systems, which are highly significant in contributing to ensure security within the society and the motivating factors that would increase this pace.

Question two

The research is considered significant in this topic because it will help in identifying the factors that explain the reason behind the emerging issues in the slow adaptation to the Emergency alert technology from the social and technical aspects. In addition, the outcome obtained from this research is also meant to lay an establishment for prospective studies concerning the Messaging alert technology in emergencies and the execution and design of the systems involved. This establishment would act as a solution of increasing the awareness in the importance of using alert emergency systems within various institutions.

Question three

The methods that are used in conducting the research involve initiating group discussions and personal interviews. The method involved an audio recording of information generated from focus groups. Therefore, the method used was adequate and effective because in focus groups, it is easier to get information since the members of the group have a sense of belonging in a comfortable environment, whereby they can express their various thoughts, views or opinions concerning the matter.

For example, obtaining information from a group of students in MarylandUniversity because they would share their views and experiences that would enable the researcher to determine factors responsible for the slow adjustment to the emergency alert systems. For example, after conducting research on focus groups, the results obtained could be categorized into social and technical factors. The students selected, as the group to give information would be representing views that would otherwise be provided by the entire student community.

The other method involving individual interviewing would also be effective in this case since such forms of interviews can be helpful when trying to investigate reasons for a particular behavior. For example, the individualized interview would enable the researcher to determine the underlying reason of the reluctance attitudes displayed by students towards the emergency text alerting systems.

Question four

            The results obtained from the research is definitely convincing because the information obtained is well detailed. Based on the main issue of discussion, the researcher has managed to conduct exhaustive research to the extent of categorizing the data in various sections. For example, the results have been obtained in the technical and social factors, which would enable the researcher to formulate strong grounds in explaining the reluctance behavior and attitudes in education systems towards emergency technologies.

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