Technical Writing

Dear writer please follow instruction very careful to make sure you do want the instruction including((((((((((((((((((((take a paragraph from your report that is not as cohesive or does not flow as well as you would like. Make GIVEN INFORMATION bold and underline NEW INFORMATION. Now, rework your sentences to make certain that they begin with GIVEN INFORMATION. You will notice that in a paragraph at least a couple of the sentences will begin with the same GIVEN INFORMATION. This is normal. A paragraph offers information about one topic. It is logical that this topic will begin at least a couple of the sentences………………………….transitions are no more than beginning sentences with past given information, showing connection to it as you move into a new topic. Look at how you begin new paragraphs. Do they include GIVEN INFORMATION? Look at the handout on Structuring Sentences and observe structures that can work to help with transitions: infinitives, prepositional phrases, and subordinating clause are a couple that can be effective. Take five sentences that begin sections or paragraphs. Examine how they transition the reader into new material. Explain how each sentence helps readers move from GIVEN to NEW INFORMATION, and, if it doesn’t, rewrite the sentence by drawing on one of the grammatical structures you’ve identified, like infinitives or prepositional phrases, to make for a smooth transition)))))) If you any question, please ask me. Thank

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