Tadao Ando

My research about Tadao Ando.

I want you to use my scanned material as a resources and you can add any other resources you want but u have to tell me what they are ( most of my scanned materials has the information you may want, but not every thing) it is important to use the writing by Ando.
I want you to wright about these topics:

Influnced and Style


Comparison between west and east method



I want you to focus on

1. his design approach through the simplicity, geometric form, naked materials, integrated nature with his design, natural light.

2. Influenced by Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn.

3.why people describe his work as ‘international modernism’

4. For his work include

a. Azuma Townhouse, Osaka 1975

b. Koshino House + additions 1981, 1984

c. Times I, II Kyoto 1984, 1991

d. Church with the light

e. Church on the water

f. Chapel on mt. Rokko

g. Water temple 1991

Please include picture for his work.

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